Booking Hotel Rooms

When booking your hotel accommodation online, the following guidelines may be of assistance…

  • Double check the dates of your holiday. You need to know the date of arrival and the number of nights for which you will require your hotel room.
  • Be aware of checking in and checking out times, particularly when flying at night.
  • Use our website hotel booking facility to check out the hotel’s location, hotel facilities and proximity to local transport. You will find photographs of most of the hotels on the site.
  • Make use of local tourist information sites to familiarise yourself with the area you intend to visit making sure that you choose a hotel in the best position for you.
  • When booking city hotels, check car parking arrangements and local transport.
  • When booking country hotels, check for local attractions so that you can plan your itinerary in advance.
  • When booking resort hotels for beach holidays, check out tourist information for child friendly beaches.

When booking hotels with golf courses, hotels with tennis courts, hotels with swimming pools or hotels with gyms, be sure to check out the booking procedures and requirements. You may be required to bring your golf handicap certificate, wear a bathing hat in the hotel pool, pre-book your tennis court or wear special shoes in the gymnasium.

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