Blackpool Airport to close on 15th October

Blackpool Airport has confirmed it will be closing next Wednesday.

The airport is one of the main destinations of island-based CityWing.

From next Wednesday, no commercial flights will fly out of or into the airport after last-ditch efforts to find a buyer failed.

The airport has said it will try to maintain operations as normal until next week.

The airport will continue to speak to aviation businesses in an attempt to remain open in the long-term.

In a statement, Blackpool Airport said: ‘We regret to announce that no agreement has been reached to secure the future of operations at Blackpool Airport. The airport operation has been making a loss for a number of years and unfortunately there is no option for the company other than to close.

‘This is a very sad day for the airport which has a proud aviation history and a loyal, appreciative customer following. We would like to thank all our dedicated staff who have delivered exceptional service to passengers for many years.

‘The airport will remain open to the public until October 15 and we will endeavour to maintain operations as normal until this date, after which time commercial flights will cease.

‘While the sales process announced at the end of August was a final attempt to secure the future of the airport, the airport’s management had spent many months prior to this announcement approaching organisations with a potential interest in the airport in an attempt to find a buyer.

‘Work is currently under way with the independent aviation businesses and tenants at the airport to understand if their operations can continue in the future.’

It is recommended that passengers contact their airline to confirm travel arrangements:

Citywing 0871 200 0440